Chapter Officers

officer Becca Oriphory

Becca Oriphory

Chapter President

officer Hannah Lake

Hannah Lake

VP Chapter Wellness

officer Marissa Santuccio

Marissa Santuccio

VP Recruitment

officer Amy Narakornpichit

Amy Narakornpichit

VP Academic Excellence

officer Adia Dauti

Adia Dauti

VP Finance

officer Katie Stabler

Katie Stabler

VP of Administration

officer Sonia David

Sonia David

VP Member Experience

officer Julia Gomez

Julia Gomez

VP New Member Experience

officer Daniella Bosco

Daniella Bosco

VP Event Planning

officer Kayli Heverin

Kayli Heverin

VP Marketing

officer Emily Miller

Emily Miller

VP Campus Relations

officer Nicole Duffy

Nicole Duffy

VP Philanthropy

officer Niamh Freeman

Niamh Freeman

Director of Property