Letter from our Recruitment Team

Dear Future Panhellenic Women,

Thank you for stopping by our page and taking the time to read this letter! Coming to this huge
university is overwhelming, to say the least, but as you go through recruitment you will find that most of us agree on one thing - Rutgers may be your house, but going Greek truly makes it a home!

Every sister of Alpha Gamma Delta has a unique story on why she chose to go Greek. Despite
those differences, we are brought together by friendship love and loyalty. These core values
have helped build friendships deeper than anything I have ever experienced before. Our eleven
founders started traditions that we continue to recreate. For me personally, though, it’s about the little things. It’s about having a sister who will push me to go to the gym with her. It’s about the long nights staying up just talking and laughing together. It’s about cooking family dinners with my littles every week. And most importantly, it’s about having over a hundred women who will support me in absolutely everything that I do. My sisters empower me and inspire me every single day to fulfill our motto, “Live with Purpose.”

Recruitment is probably a little daunting for you. Just remember that we were all in your shoes at one point not too long ago. I encourage you to do two things: be confident and be yourself. You will find a chapter of women who will be your best friends before you know it! As corny as it may sound, Alpha Gam is not for four years, it’s for life. I know my sisters will always have my back, they will be my bridesmaids at my wedding, that they will fly across the country to visit me, and that our future daughters will become Alpha Gamma Delta women too. I can confidently say this organization is not like anything you have experienced before, and it is not something you want to miss out on.

Going Greek is by far the best decision I have made during my college years, and I hope it is a decision you will make too!

I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you, and help you find your home here at Rutgers!

Marissa Santuccio
Vice President Recruitment
Alpha Gamma Delta – Lambda Delta